Journal of Internet Engineering, Vol 4, No 1 (2010)

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Multidomain Layer 1 Infrastructure Virtualization as a Future Internet Services-enabling Paradigm

Davide Adami, Stefano Giordano, Michele Pagano, Luiz Gustavo Zuliani


NGNs are being envisioned to circumvent the ossification of current Internet and leverage advanced and profitable Future Internet services. It is still unclear how this will be realized, but network infrastructure virtualization continues to gain momentum as an elegant solution to accommodate concurrent NGNs in a flexible, robust fashion. Despite this trend and the fact that the Internet will continue to grow as autonomous domains, the virtualization of multidomain infrastructures is yet an almost unexplored argument. This paper tackles this very subject, discussing the most impacting factors and presenting a preliminary architecture to enable future Internet services through layer 1 multidomain virtualization techniques.

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