Journal of Internet Engineering, Vol 1, No 2 (2007)

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On the Design of Incentive-Aware P2P Streaming

Tianhao Qiu, Ioanis Nikolaidis, Fulu Li


We study peeré─÷?Đ?Ętoé─÷?Đ?Ępeer (P2P) multicast streaming protocols for high bandwidth streams to large numbers of heterogeneous and transient users. First, the shortcomings of treeé─÷?Đ?Ębased P2P schemes are discussed. Subsequently, a scalable swarmé─÷?Đ?Ębased scheme is introduced that avoids maintaining a rigid logical topology. Peers selfé─÷?Đ?Ęorganize into an unstructured overlay in an ad-hoc fashion. Stream data are divided into smallé─÷?Đ?Ęsized units and distributed in a fashion that fully utilizes the upload capacity of all peers. A credité─÷?Đ?Ębased incentive scheme is introduced to encourage peers to contribute their capacity. The incentive scheme operates based exclusively on local information. We evaluate the proposed scheme through simulations in a dynamic and heterogeneous environment. A key benefit of the proposed scheme is its ability to operate under resourceé─÷?Đ?Ęconstrained conditions where traditional treeé─÷?Đ?Ębased approaches typically fail.

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