Journal of Internet Engineering, Vol 1, No 2 (2007)

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Performance Enhancement of EY-NPMA through Variable Yield

Gerasimos Dimitriadis, Orestis Tsigkas, Fotini-Niovi Pavlidou


Previous studies have shown that significant gains can be achieved, when the parameters of the EY-NPMA protocol are updated on the fly. When EY-NPMA adapts dynamically to the offered load, improved figures both in throughput and access delay are observed. The estimation of the number of contending nodes, which is necessary for the calculation of the optimal parameters of EY-NPMA, also provides room for further enhancement of the protocol through the linking of the backoff distribution of the yield phase with the outcome of the elimination phase. In this work, a mechanism that implements this concept is proposed, with the analytical model and the simulation results documenting its positive characteristics.

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